Aloe arborescens 12cm

    1. Description Aloe arborescens
    2. Pot size 12
    3. Height 20
    4. Packaging code 458
    5. Loads per layer 5x8
    6. Number of layers 6
    7. Plant code 141
    • Shade to full sunlight
    • 10 °C - 35 °C
    • Moderate water
    • Houseplant
    • Moderate fertiliser
    • Not for human consumption

Aloe arborescens
Aloe arborescens is part of the extensive genus of the lily family (Liliaceae) and originates from southern Africa. This species of Aloe is also called Krantz Aloe, which refers to the African word “krantz”, meaning “rocky cliff”. The plant flowers each winter and produces beautiful orange blooms. Aloe arborescens has various healing properties, which have been known to the local African population for centuries.
Aloe arborescens is an extremely versatile indoor plant with medicinal properties, which, even in a temperate climate, can be used for various applications in the garden and on the terrace. The plant must be protected from frost at all times!

Indoor plant:
Indoors, the Aloe requires a position in full sun or light shade. It is an easy plant that requires hardly any maintenance. A little water once every 2 weeks is sufficient.

Garden and terrace plant:
The Aloe gives your garden or terrace a Mediterranean atmosphere. Mid May, when there is no more risk of night frosts, place the Aloe outside in partial shade or in a sunny spot. Allow the Aloe to acclimatise first however by placing the plant in partial shade. If you are using the Aloe as a terrace plant, ensure the pot or tub has sufficient drainage. You can also plant the Aloe in the garden. At the end of October, when there is a risk of night frosts, the plant should be moved indoors again. The plants can achieve a respectable age if well tendered. Ensure that the Aloe does not dry out during the summer season. The plant requires plenty of water during the growing season (April - September). The Aloe arborescens can be brought indoors in the autumn and placed in a light spot during the winter months.

Medicinal plant:
The plant has many medicinal properties and for this reason alone, it should not be absent from your garden. According to recent studies, Aloe arborescens is even richer in medicinal ingredients than Aloe Vera. Aloe arborescens forms the basis for the treatment of many types of diseases and disorders. The following medicinal properties are attributed to Aloe arborescens:
• The plant stimulates the functioning of the immune system
• The plant has an anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine effect
• The plant promotes the healing of wounds
• The plant has a favourable impact on the functioning of the digestive organs
• The plant can strengthen the effect of conventional medicines, resulting in the need of smaller quantities

Father Romano Zago from Brazil has even claimed that Aloe arborescens can be used for the successful treatment of cancer.
We wish to emphasise, however, that Aloe arborescens is not a recognised medicine. This Aloe Arborescens is not suitable for human consumption. Use of this plant is at your own risk. For the consumption of Aloe arborescens, we refer to the many Aloe arborescens drinks and recipes that are available. 

More information on the Internet about the medicinal effect of Aloe arborescens can be found on the following sites:

Diseases and pests
Aloes species are not susceptible to diseases or pests when well maintained. They are, however, sensitive to too much water, water that remains behind at the base of the pot or in the dish and to the combination of water and cold.
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